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Reggie Miller Showcases the Shot

He's still got it. Not that there was ever any doubt. While working the broadcast booth of this weekend's NCAA Tournament action, Reggie Miller and his coworker Rachel Nichols hung out beside an empty basketball court, waiting for one of the teams to come out for practice. Post by Rachel Nichols. But the idea of leaving a basketball sitting idly on an empty court apparently didn't sit well with Reggie, who ...

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Part Three of PG Series Released

For months now, Bleacher Report has been tracking the comeback of Pacers star Paul George as he recovers from the leg injury he suffered over the summer. Today, the website put out Part Three of the series, which features PG showing what his game-day routine looks like, and highlighted what he did during All-Star Weekend in New York City. The series, titled "The Road Back", also takes a closer look at how G ...

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C.J. Miles Puts A Ring On It

While in sunny Cancun enjoying his All-Star break, Pacers swingman C.J. Miles proposed to his girlfriend Lauren Smith. Miles posted a picture of Smith's hand with the new piece of hardware on it to his Instagram account. Came all the way down to Cancun to give half my closet away smh lol #ThrewInTheTowel #DontWannaBeAPlayaNoMore #OffTheMarketLadies #NoDmsMa #OkImDone lol #StillTheHashGawdEvenThoImGettingMar ...

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Back To The Future: Frank Vogel Edition

Before last night’s game, Pacers coach Frank Vogel held his usual pregame media scrum in the hallway outside of the Pacers locker room. Some questions pertained to the game itself, but many were about the significance the coach prowling the opposing sideline, Gregg Popovich, who was on the precipice of career win number 1,000. Vogel, like many coaches, spoke about Popovich with reverence, calling him a tact ...

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Miles On Going Pro Out Of High School

The Indianapolis Star posted an article from sportswriter Dana Hunsinger Benbow about C.J. Miles and his decision to skip college and go straight to the pros. It was a choice Miles – now 27 years old – made in 2005 when NBA teams began to ask him if he would participate in workouts. It was then that Miles realized that he might not attend the University of Texas, where he had originally planned to play unde ...

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Roy Hibbert Talks ‘Parks and Recreation’ With Rolling Stone

In an article published today, Pacers big man Roy Hibbert talks with Rolling Stone magazine about his love for the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, which is about to begin its final season. Hibbert has appeared on the show several times, which takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, and has even become close friends with some of the actors and writers of the popular program. In the intervi ...

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Indiana’s Offense Taking Shape

In the mire of their eight-game losing streak, the response from members of the Pacers all seemed to contain the same sentiment, “We need more time.” Time for David West to get his legs under him. Time for George Hill to get healthy and reintegrate with the offense. Time to right the wrongs. And now, with the Pacers having won three of their last four games, it’s becoming clear what the Blue-and-Gold were t ...

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