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What They’re Saying – June 22

The 2015 NBA Draft is only a few days away and the Indiana Pacers hold the 11th pick. Find out what they’re saying about who the Pacers are likely to choose and how the draft could help them in the 2015-2016 season.

IndyStar: “For a team like the Pacers, whose four-year playoff streak ended due to an injury-plagued season, rebuilding with a neophyte prospect is not as enticing as reloading with a youthful but capable player who could fit into the winning culture immediately.” Read more.

Bleacher Report: “And the biggest offseason addition won’t be via free agency, trade or the draft. It will be George himself—fully mended after playing just a handful of games at the season’s end.” Read more.

Hoops Habit: “While Indiana’s draft history isn’t replete with superstars—just one Hall of Famer is on this list—the Pacers have drafted quite well since coming into the NBA in 1976.” Read more.

8 Points 9 Seconds: “And according to Steve Kyler on Basketball Insiders, Larry Bird isn’t determined to hold onto the team’s first-round pick this year either. Kyler called the pick “very much in play” yesterday on Twitter.” Read more.

Bleacher Report: “After a difficult season that felt like three steps back from their goal of competing for a championship, the Pacers need to remake the roster with a focus on flexibility and spacing.” Read more.

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