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What They’re Saying – Post-Lottery Mock Drafts

What They’re Saying – Post-Lottery Mock Drafts

The Pacers secured the 11th overall draft pick for the 2015 NBA Draft. According to various experts’ mock draft projections, Indiana could potentially select one of several players at #11. Find out what they’re saying about who the Pacers will choose on June 25, and why.

Bleacher Report: “The Indiana Pacers have worked out some point guards recently, including Notre Dame’s Jerian Grant.” Read More

USA Today: “Measuring over 7 feet in shoes at the combine, there simply aren’t very many guys that big with Kaminsky’s diversity on the offensive end.”Read More

Hoops Hype: “[Willie Cauley-Stein] His ability to be a difference maker on the defensive end, specifically defending the pick-and-roll, is what makes him so intriguing.” Read More

Sports Illustrated: “Larry Bird telling Willie Cauley-Stein he was a $100 million player was one of two things: A smokescreen—why would the Pacers jump at a defensive minded center—or (another) message to Roy Hibbert to opt.” Read More

Yahoo! Sports: “In a lot of ways, he seems to still be learning about what kind of player he wants to be, so a year learning and adjusting behind Hibbert would be great for him.” Read More

New York Post: “[Stanley Johnson] He could provide them with some of what they lost next to Paul George on the wings when Lance Stephenson left in free agency.” Read More

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