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Talkin’ Hoops with POTUS

Talkin’ Hoops with POTUS

I’ve asked President Obama more than a few questions in my life.  Sure, a bunch of them came in two different radio interviews when he was a Senator and was running for Highest Office in the Land.

When he became President, I did get a chance to ask him a few questions the night he spoke at Notre Dame’s graduation exercises.  But this time, I had NO IDEA I was going to get a chance to ask him a question and certainly didn’t expect the reaction and feedback.

The President was in Indianapolis to speak at Ivy Tech and I was invited to attend.  It was a Town Hall setting and I still wasn’t sure what to expect.  After a stirring opening address, the President took questions from the crowd.  Most were serious, political and interesting.

Then, I asked THE QUESTION.

I raised my hand, proudly told No. 44 that I was Eddie White of the Indiana Pacers. I reminded him how special basketball is in this state; a sport that is so special to POTUS.  I told him Indiana Fever star (and FOO) Tamika Catchings said HEY and was ready for a 1 on 1 challenge. I asked about his “personal” hoops game now; that he had told me years ago his game resembled that of a “poor man’s Tayshawn Prince.”

In the great tradition of political rhetoric, the President delivered a lengthy, but real and meaningful, answer touching on many subjects.

He talked of his respect for Tamika. That she is such a great person and player; that he thinks the world of her.  He spoke of the time, during a campaign stop in Kokomo, that is was Tamika who was the referee when Obama WON a game of HORSE.  “She was witness to my domination,” said the Prez.

He talked of the Pacers. He said he hopes “Mr. George” (Pacers star Paul George) gets healthy and the Pacers can have some playoff fun with “his Chicago Bulls.”

He talked of his own game. Said it’s not quite what it was in Kokomo so many years ago. “My game is broke.”

He went on to mention how appreciative he is of the NBA, and mentioned NBA Commissioner Adam Silver by name, for all the work the league puts in to making the country better.

So, the leader of the Free World came to Indianapolis, to central Indiana. It was serious stuff. And, very special indeed. Among the questions the serious, hard subject questions he faced was one, sports-related — BASKETBALL specific in a BASKETBALL specific state.

He gave a much longer answer than I thought I was going to get.  And reaction on TWITTER has been flat-out amazing.

The President touched all the points.  Made all the right moves.  And did it with grace and style.

I don’t think he’s broke…but I would STILL take Tamika in that 1 on 1 game!

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