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Indiana’s Offense Taking Shape

Indiana’s Offense Taking Shape

In the mire of their eight-game losing streak, the response from members of the Pacers all seemed to contain the same sentiment, “We need more time.”

Time for David West to get his legs under him. Time for George Hill to get healthy and reintegrate with the offense. Time to right the wrongs.

And now, with the Pacers having won three of their last four games, it’s becoming clear what the Blue-and-Gold were trying to put together during the skid that put the them 11 games under .500. Clear that the result, might have been worth the wait.

In their past four games, the Pacers have shot 50 percent or higher from the field; a streak that has not been accomplished by Indiana since April of 2009.

“We’re moving the ball and really just kind of getting stuff out of our system,” said David West, who has averaged 12.5 points and 6.8 rebounds over the four-game span.

As a team, Indiana’s willingness to share the ball has been evident in its season-high 33 assists in Saturday night’s demolition of the Nets, as well as the team’s 64.1 assist percentage over their last four games—a measure of how many baskets are assisted; making the Pacers the eighth most sharing team in NBA over that time frame.

“I think we got a chance to be one of the better ball moving teams that we’ve had here,” said head coach Frank Vogel, whose team has the third-highest net rating of any team in the league over the past four games.

Now owners of an 11-20 record, the Pacers face a tough road to climb back above .500, but Vogel is no longer asking for more time. Instead, he believes many of the kinks have been worked out, and the team is playing up, or close to, its potential.

“Guys are just sharing it, they’re playing for each other,” Vogel said. “They’re playing a team-branded style of basketball which is making me very proud of them.”

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