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Reaction to Mark Boyle’s Deeply Personal Piece

Pacers radio broadcaster Mark Boyle penned a deeply personal story about his brother’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Since the story was published, Boyle and his family have received an outpouring of support on social media. Below is a collection of some of the tweets Boyle has received:

And below are few of the many comments Boyle received on Facebook:

“There is no ‘right’ way to grieve….it is a very personal journey and you have every right to feel every emotion that comes. Prayers out to both you and your brother….” -Amy Jones

“It was a very moving article to read and very honest. I pray for your brother and family. I hope your brother finds his piece and you find your answers. God Bless.” -Kristine Jenkins-Stoker

“Your story touched me, as I could definitely relate to your feelings of pain during the terminal illness of your brother. My brother passed from terminal liver cancer in 2008. We were always very close (he was my best friend). The diagnosis itself is such a blow and suddenly, you come to the realization that everyday is a ‘gift’ at this point in time. Cherish the moments you spend with him, and prayers for peace and comfort to you, your brother, and family.” -Donna Swayze

“I so understand your emotions. In my case, I’m the one who is dying and I’ve become a pariah. Be with your brother as much as you can. Call him, visit, get him out of his room and sit on a park bench and listen to him speak. Mr Boyle, I’ve admired you for so many years, but never as much as do right now!” -Bill Bash

“Mark, so well written. I hope by sharing, some of your pain can be forgotten. Continue to be a supportive big brother…that is your job now. Thinking of you.” -Adele Jarrett Huffman

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