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What They’re Saying: October 31st, 2014

What They’re Saying: October 31st, 2014

The Indiana Pacers won their season-opener 103-91 Wednesday night at home against the Philadelphia 76ers. Here’s what people are saying around the web on the victory, and on their matchup against Memphis on Friday night.

IndyStar’s Gregg Doyel: “As constructed on this night, the Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers are as toothless as anybody in the NBA — a pair of immature teams with too many injuries and too little talent to compete against just about anyone but each other. But they competed. They tripped and fell and spit up shots, and every now and then they had an accident on the floor. But they tried hard, and the Pacers won 103-91.” Read More

IndyStar: “For all the talk about improving the offensive ball movement this season, the Indiana Pacers will still need the simplest element of basketball. A scorer … It didn’t take long Wednesday night for Rodney Stuckey to fulfill Indiana’s help-wanted ad.” Read More

Indy Cornrows: “The Pacers didn’t have to do anything extraordinary to beat the Sixers on opening night and as a team, the Pacers were at their best when no one strayed from their lane to try to impact the game on an individual basis.” Read More

Associated Press: “Indiana won their season-opener for the fourth consecutive year, but this was the first one during that stretch without All-Star swingman Paul George, who is out after breaking his right leg in two places. The Pacers also played without two other started, power forward David West (sprained right ankle) and guard George Hill (bruised left knee).” Read More

Indy Cornrows: “I would not count on the big three of Rodney Stuckey, Donald Sloan, and Roy Hibbert replicating their spectacular performances, but crazier things have happened. [Memphis] will be a good test of how far Indiana can go with this injury riddled roster.” Read More

Fansided: “The Pacers pulled out the victory and even did some positive things! It’s hard to decipher which positive things were a result of playing the Sixers, which were outliers, and which are reality. Regardless, I only had two instances of wanting to rip out every hair on my head while watching this game – and that could turn out to be a season low and this is another positive thing!” Read More


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