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ESPN The Magazine Names Pacers Best “Bang for the Buck” in Pro Sports

ESPN The Magazine recently unveiled its annual “Ultimate Standings,” a ranking of all 122 professional sports franchises in the four major North American sports, and the Pacers once again received high marks.

The standings measure teams in eight different categories that take into account team success, ownership, ticket prices, gameday experience, and more. The Pacers were ranked 18th overall and fifth among NBA teams.

The reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spurs ranked first overall in this year’s rankings. Interestingly, each of the four NBA teams ahead of the Pacers play in the Western Conference, meaning the Pacers were ranked highest of any team in the East.

Individually, the Pacers were #1 overall in “Bang for the Buck” which takes into account “wins in the past year, per fan dollars.” ESPN’s metrics determined that the combination of 53 wins in 2013-14 and great ticket packages and promotions make the Pacers the best deal in pro sports.

The Pacers also ranked eighth overall and third in the NBA in “Affordability.”

Click here to see the full rankings.

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