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What They’re Saying – April 11

What They’re Saying – April 11

Here’s a look around the web at what people are saying about the Pacers victory over the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night and the important matchup with the Miami Heat tonight:

ESPN True Hoop: ”With the game looking like it was headed for overtime in the last remaining seconds due to a boneheaded foul, Vogel drew up a play (not the picket fence, sadly) for Chris Copeland, a guy who has been an afterthought all season. He made it. A short second after the ball splashed through the net, there was Paul George rushing off the bench to hug him, with Roy HIbbert not far behind.” Read More

Indy Star: ”More than just the Pacers surviving 104-102 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, Vogel ducked the darts and criticism that were sure to come his way had his plan backfired. The boldest move of the night was also the right one. Made by a coach who needed to change course and search for something — anything — to break his team out of a six-game road slump and overall monthlong malaise.” Read More



SI Point Forward: “The decision to rest all five starters for the same game is a bit radical, but these are desperate times for the Pacers. For the season Paul George, Roy Hibbert, David West, Lance Stephenson and George Hill have comprised one of the most effective high-usage lineups in the league…. Over the Pacers’ last 20 games, however, that same group has actually been outscored at a rate of roughly a point per 100 possessions. ” Read More

Indy Star: ”When the Indiana Pacers lost their way, they turned to almost every conceivable fix. They sat in closed meetings, taking the time to explore their feelings only to discover that the talks did not translate on the court…. Although those methods did not produce the desired results, the Pacers may have found their solution — and all they had to do was sit back and relax.” Read More

NY Daily News: “The Pacers’ free-fall since March 1 – they’re only 10-12 since then – nearly cost them their season-long goal of finishing first in the East. But their win in Milwaukee with their subs, combined with Miami’s loss at Memphis, allowed the Pacers to re-gain control of their own destiny for the top spot in the conference.” Read More



CBS Sports: “A win Friday essentially ends it, giving Indiana tiebreaker advantage and a 1.5 game lead.The question is who will play for the Heat. Dwayne Wade has missed the past seven games with a sore hamstring, and Greg Oden has been out with a bad back. Will the Heat get everyone to go and make this an important game?” Read More “Since beating the Heat by one point in Indianapolis two weeks ago, the Pacers are just 2-5 and have struggled in various phases. Although they won short-handed over the worst team in the league, Vogel cautioned that rest isn’t guaranteed to be the antidote.” Read More “It’s basically a winner-take-all showdown for that No. 1 spot, a chance for the struggling Pacers to make one last statement to the world about their intentions for the postseason and the Heat’s opportunity to remind the upstarts from Indianapolis that if they want the crown they better be ready to bleed for it.” Read More



ABC News: “Ask LeBron James to rank where beating the nemesis Indiana Pacers on Friday to reclaim the East’s No. 1 seed would fall on the current to-do list and it’ll land short of his top spot. Heck, it might not even make his Mount Rushmore of team priorities right now.” Read More

Sun Sentinel: “The Pacers talked plenty about how they wanted what the Heat had accomplished. The national television games. The postseason accolades. And, mostly, the championships. For half the season, the Pacers were up to the challenge. Then they began to realize it wasn’t easy as expected.” Read More

Miami Herald: “On the Heat’s list of general concerns less than two weeks from the playoffs, its final regular-season game against the Indiana Pacers is probably somewhere around fifth in importance.” Read More ”Vogel sat inside his office the day before flying to the All-Star Game in New Orleans nervous about what offense the Eastern Conference would run during the game and excited like a kid entering Toys R Us to have an opportunity to coach the East’s best players. But as Vogel returned from New Orleans, one question lingered about the Pacers: How would they handle adversity when they encountered it?” Read More

SB Nation: “Big Roy is one of the toughest defenders in the NBA to call properly, thanks to the verticality rule and his immense stature at 7’2. It’s entirely reasonable to believe that Hibbert is called differently on the road than at home. That’s not his fault.” Read More




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