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Vogel has no interest in moving training camp

Vogel has no interest in moving training camp

The Miami Heat are holding training camp in the Bahamas. The Brooklyn Nets are in Durham, North Carolina at Duke University. The San Antonio Spurs gathered at the US Air Force Academy, coach Gregg Popovich’s alma mater, in Colorado Springs. Frank Vogel, meanwhile, has no interest in following suit.

The Pacers’ head coach doesn’t want to follow a league trend and he left no doubts about it. Vogel likes having camp right here in Indianapolis and has no desire to change that.

“Absolutely not,” he firmly said on Tuesday after the team’s sixth practice. “You travel all year. Why add another week to that. I like seeing my family.”

Vogel is married and has two daughters, Alexa and Arianna. They will not be accompanying him next week when the team goes to Asia for two preseason games.

During camp, teams are working on their chemistry in addition to what they’re getting done on the floor. Vogel believes the Pacers’ trip overseas — first to the Philippines and then Taiwain — will be beneficial in this department, although he is concerned with the travel.

“I think trips like this are really good for chemistry,” he said. “This is a business where you got to build friendships. You have existing friendships on your team when you come in with returning teammates and you got to build those. And then the new guys, you got to initiate friendships and start getting to know some of these guys. You’re going to go into battle with them and a trip like this I think will be really good for that.”

In the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts have recently held their camp at Anderson University, for example.

Some of the other off-site training camps in the NBA include Minnesota (University of Minnesota State), Philadelphia (St. Joe’s University), and Washington (George Mason University).

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